Standards – Versions dot notations

It has probably occurred, you are updating a software, api, frontend, code base of some kind and you come to a direct question of to document the updates or to simply deploy no questions asked. However taking the ladder of the two is a tuff headache to later face.

About all code base you can image adheres to a versioning of some kind, the one I’ll shortly explain is what I find easy, useful and overall not a pain to understand

lets say you are about to submit version

  • 1: Major revision (new UI, lots of new features, conceptual change, etc.)
  • 9: Minor revision (maybe a change to a search box, 1 feature added, collection of bug fixes)
  • 0: Bug fix release
  • 1: Build number (if used)—that’s why you see the .NET framework using something like

You won’t find a lot of apps going down to four levels, 3 is usually sufficient.

Hope this was of use, happy coding ✌️😁